* Our Boys of The Past *

* Int/Mex/Am BISS CH Spear's Eagleview of Almaden *


* Int/Mex/Am BISS CH Spear's Eagleview of Almaden *

* Int/Mex/Am BISS CH Spear's Eagleview of Almaden *

* Int/Mex/Am BISS CH Spear's Eagleview of Almaden *

* CH Titan's Red Dragon of Almaden *

* CH Dagger's Point of Almaden *

* CH Kato's Blue Dragon of Almaden *

The minute we saw and met Dagger of Almaden Staffs our lives changed in major ways. We knew immediately, in our hearts, this was the breed for us.

Dagger was unique in every way. His statuesque appearance, his playful and loving personality was contradictory to all the negative things described about the breed by the media.

Dagger radiated such positive and loving energy that he uplifted our spirits then and now. He was a giant transmitter of love.

As Fate would have it, we are proud owners of "Tank" and "Maile," son and daughter of "Spear," and nephew & niece of unforgettable, "Dagger".

Ken, Theresa, & Kyle Funakoshi

* Int/Mex/Am BIS CH Blade's Blue Grass of Almaden *

* Tank's Red Attack of Almaden *

* CH Judah Ben Hur of Almaden *

* CH Mack the Knife of Almaden *

* CH Tanto's Cold Steel of Almaden *

* CH Sledge Hammer's Jolt of Almaden *

* CH Winchester Gauge of Almaden *

* Nitro's Blast of Almaden *

* 'Mark' - Starred in the movie "2 Days in the Valley" *

* Reno's Lucky Bet of Almaden *

* Mex Grand CH White Rock Rugby of Almaden *

* Styre-Aug of Almaden *

* Belgium's Staff of Almaden - (Belgium) *

* Show Stopper of Almaden *

* Randal's Cutting Edge of Almaden *

* Colt's Peacemaker of Almaden *

* CH Turbo Fury of Almaden‏ *

* CH Whiterock Jagged Edge of Almaden *

* Sniper's Attack of Almaden *

* My Little Ceasar of Almaden CD *

* Bazooka Attack of Almaden *

* CH Red Tyson of Almaden *

* CH Shotgun of Almaden *

* Double OTT Buckshot of Almaden *

* CH Blue Saber of Almaden *

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